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An embrace at sunset, a proposal beneath the stars, a wedding day straight from your dreams, a honeymoon in paradise and anniversaries that prove true love is eternal. These are the moments that make a life.  A ring helps turn them into lasting memories – it’s a powerful talisman that, with a single glance or touch, sends a jolt straight to the heart. 

Exquisite Bridal Range

Established in 1967, at Brown & Newirth we’re not just crafting precious metals and setting brilliant diamonds but making memories real once again and preserving them for all time. 

Expertly Handmade

Based in Hertfordshire our dedicated craftsmen handmake our rings especially for you! Each ring undergoes over 20 stages of development, with even the simplest rings passing through 12 pairs of hands. Our success lies in our passion for details, quality, design and service. 

Diamond Quality

Our diamonds are all ethically sourced from conflict free zones in accordance with the Kimberley Process and screened to ensure they are all natural diamonds. They are individually hand selected by our diamond graders for their exceptional colour and clarity and graded to a minimum standard of G/H colour, SI clarity with very good symmetry to maximise the sparkle.

The Lister Horsfall Promise

Visit our dedicated bridal showroom in our Halifax store for more information..

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