Anonimo can boast an extraordinary history, featuring men driven by their passion. Its Florentine roots go back to the second half of the 19th Century, when Giovanni Panerai set up his watchmaking boutique on the banks of the Arno. Over the years, to meet military needs, numerous improvements were made to the manufacture of these timepieces. A trick still used today, for example, was built into the case to protect and secure the crown.

About Anonimo

Through equipping various military branches with reliable timekeeping instruments, his descendants acquired the skills of miniaturisation, water resistance and protection, while ensuring perfect readability of the dial in all weathers. Inventiveness, sobriety and robustness would distinguish Florentine timepieces to this day.

A major turning point came in 1972, when Dino Zei, a renowned navy engineer with a passion for his profession, took over the reins of the company. Zei himself had the idea of developing a bronze case in order both to defy the corrosion of marine environments, and to protect the movement from ambient magnetism.

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